The UNDP Arab Human Development Report pointed out the high vulnerability of the Gulf region to climate change and to mitigation policies aimed at reducing oil consumption, while the MENA region is most vulnerable on accounts of water scarcity, and the sub-Saharan region is vulnerable to the risk of environmental changes where adaptation strategies are not affordable by the poor population.

Much of the research work targets water desalination and water production technologies, renewable energy source assessment and its use in electricity generation, solar energy applications, energy conservation and efficient energy systems in the building sector including district cooling, heat recovery, efficient cooling and heating systems and processes.

Universities and research centers have dedicated resources to energy research.

The global energy demand is expected to increase by 60% by 2030, partially because of the rising economic dynamism of China and India causing the Globeís energy landscape to change dramatically, in addition to the declining mature hydrocarbon reserves.

Today different parts of the world imports about 50% of its energy. Without policy reform, this will rise to 70%. The percentage for gas will be even higher.

Kingdom of Bahrain is fast moving to optimize its energy demand and taking initiatives to implement Building Rating System (BRS) and Energy Efficiency Program (EEP). These steps towards the sustainable energy vision would set us apart from the rest of the countries in the region as the potential leader of the sustainable and building energy rating movement. A high level Energy Committee has been formed recently to promote the energy sector, optimize investment of available resources and ensure appropriate alternatives. It will also be in charge of mapping out policies, strategies and plans and study alternatives to meet Bahrainís needs and promote energy resources.

The 2nd UN World Water Development Report shows the Gulf Countries have the lowest actual renewable water resources per person in the world. During the Expo you will be given additional statistics about the fact that the Gulf Region water consumption exceeds the renewable water resources from rainfall.